Versand und Co nach Brexit, Info von Warlord Games

  • Mal sehen ob sie das einhalten können, Preise sind schon saftig gestiegen wie ich heute feststellen konnte beim überfliegen...


    Hello Everyone,
    As I'm sure you know, there has been many questions regarding our delivery service to European countries come January 1st and the UK officially leaves the European Union.
    Our Methodology and motivation for this is very simple, we want to keep it as easy as possible for our European customers to continue building and painting models, and playing games with their friends.

    From January 1st 2021, we will begin shipping our European orders with duties paid. This means there will be no additional tax to pay for EU customers importing goods from the UK, which also means there will be no additional delay in receiving your goods.
    We will also be implementing European pricing over the next day, so you will notice that where you were previously presented a price in Pounds Sterling or other currencies, you will be presented with Euro pricing when shopping from outside of the UK and within Europe

    This will apply to the following countries;


    Thank you for continuing to support Warlord Games and have a fantastic festive period!

    Karl Oliver-Kyriacou
    Warlord Games


    Meyer :tiger1:

  • So Warlord hat wohl auf den scheiss Brexit reagiert, alles zum versand etc auf aktuellem Stand hier:

    Warlord Games HQ recently moved location. Now that we're settling in, we've had time to re-evaluate our services, and as such, have updated our shipping and delivery services to reflect the changes we've made. Below we've listed the most impactful of these changes.
    Changes to Shipping Services
    We no longer offer Royal Mail as a standard service to destinations outside the UK. This option can no longer be selected at store checkout. We now exclusively use a UPS courier service. This has two major advantages.

    Firstly it has allowed us to lower the threshold for free courier shipping in for most destinations. For example, the minimum spend to qualify for free courier shipping in the United States is now much lower than before, at $80.00.

    Secondly, all parcels sent this way will be delivered far quicker, and have the added benefit of being tracked.
    Customers in the European Union
    We now offer a DDP (Delivery Duties Paid) service for our customers in EU 27 destinations, meaning that no duties or handling fees will be demanded of customers upon delivery - as we will already have handled them.