• Moin Kameraden!

    Neues Update heute von Hell let Loose, ein paar Sachen gefixed etc, klingt gut :thumps:

    Liste hier:

    Patch #4 - Live Now!

    1. Aug. um 12:01 Uhr - Jonno

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to Patch 4! In this patch we’ve got quality of life fixes, new sounds for the Panther Sherman and Pak 40 as well as a number of bug fixes.

    If you don’t see a bug you’ve wanted squished in the list below, be sure to check out an update from Max after the change list!

    UPDATE: We regret that our patch went live with some incorrect scaling of player icons on the map. We will be working to apply a patch for these as soon as possible and apologise for the reduced legibility in the meantime.


    • Players can now shoot through the open areas on top of hedges
    • Added an exact bearing in compass box
    • Added tank radial dials
    • Improved player icons on map
    • Adjusted the sensitivity of the aim when magnifying with main cannons and heavy weapons to allow for finer precision aim at the highest levels of magnification, and increased responsiveness when at the lowest levels of magnification.


    • Added graphical autodetect for low spec machines. This will profile your machine and apply the most performant settings (as opposed to loading low-end machines in on Epic quality and tanking performance).


    • Added new cannon fire sound for Panther
    • Added new cannon fire sound for Sherman
    • Added new cannon fire sound for Pak 40

    Visual Improvements

    • Improved map icons for engineer resource nodes
    • Fixed various visual issues on the Utah map

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the Sherman tank’s cannon fire SFX looped endlessly after firing
    • Fixed an issue where players could see enemy resource nodes on maps
    • Fixed an issue where Strongpoints appeared larger on the map than they are in-game
    • Fixed an issue where newly placed outposts didn’t pulsate
    • Fixed an issue where weapons would shoot without input after reloading
    • Fixed various config file exploits
    • Players can now deploy LMG in shallow puddles
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes user could experience a crash after firing an artillery shell
    • Fixed an issue where Spotters could build garrisons in locked enemy sectors
    • Fixed an issue where occasionally a player’s resource node could be invisible in-game when constructed
    • Fixed an issue where the initial gear change required multiple gear shifts in tanks
    • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes become stuck on the deployment screen while attempting to deploy
    • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes be invisible in TPP after deploying
    • Improved collision on various items
    • Fixed a bug where deployables couldn’t be constructed on certain types of terrain on the Utah map

    Known Issues:

    • Proximity and Leadership VOIP drops out. We have applied several fixes to this in our closed build and are awaiting sign off for release for this fix as soon as possible.
    • Server browser does not show all servers or appropriate servers for the user. We have applied several fixes to this in our closed build and are awaiting sign off for release for this fix as soon as possible.

    Bug squishing update from Max

    We’ve been working hard on both the VOIP issues that have been recurring, as well as issues around the server browser not displaying or showing appropriate servers - or sometimes showing an empty server browser. In the last two days we have internally applied many fixes to these and will hope to roll out significant fixes as soon as possible.

    Thanks so much for your patience - we know how irritating and frustrating these specific bugs are.

    We'll see you on the Frontline!


    Meyer :tiger1:

  • Hofix zum Patch ist raus:

    Patch #4 Hotfix - Live Now!

    5. Aug. um 15:02 Uhr - Jonno

    Hey everyone,

    We've just deployed a small hotfix following the launch of Patch #4.

    Thanks to your feedback we were able to identify and fix the following issues:

    • Fixed player icon legibility issues on the map.
    • Fixed a bug where supplies built by the Support role aren’t shown on the map.

    We really appreciate you making us aware of things like this, nice one community!

    See you on the Frontline!


    Meyer :tiger1:

  • Patch#5 Release!

    Hey everyone!

    We’re currently hard at work on all the content coming in Update 2. However, there are some core issues that we want to finalise and fix before we start pushing out more new features. We’re attempting to balance fixes to critical issues in Patches while still being able to focus on a huge game-changing bulk of work that’ll come in the next Update.


    Applied several changes to the Vivox code and then changed the way channel switching and channel muting is handled. This should fix many cases of the proximity and leadership VOIP breaking.

    YOUR HELP: VOIP bugs have been difficult to reproduce and fix as they often occur on high population servers and can be difficult to intentionally trigger. If - after this patch - you are still experiencing any issues with VOIP, we would greatly appreciate it if you would report the issue in our special VOIP feedback Discord channel: https://discord.gg/beJj8Rv

    This will allow us to follow up with you to get exact specifics and discover if your issue is bug related or hardware related.

    We understand that VOIP is a critical part of the Hell Let Loose experience and we will be working until all issues are eradicated.


    Reworked the server search code. The outcome of this is a more methodical but accurate server listing. You should now be able to see all current servers as opposed to having several missing (often your own regional servers) or having different outcomes every time you refresh.

    PLEASE NOTE: Many reports of issues with the server browser have resulted from user-side settings. We recommend making sure that your firewall is not blocking the application and your ISP is allowing port forwarding. If you still cannot see servers, please drop us a line in the feedback channel on our Discord and we’ll follow up with you.


    • A scream sound effect no longer plays when a player dies due to drowning.
    • New US AT 57mm cannon fire sound


    • On the map key, Unit and Team Member icons appear stretched vertically
    • Fixed compass bearing showing 0° and 360°.
    • The top German HQ spawn overlaps into the out-of-bounds area on the Utah map.

    Visual Improvements

    • German LMG tracer rounds are of a higher light intensity than its muzzle flash.
    • Fixed waves being visible inside the beach puddles on Utah.
    • Fixed windows overlapping walls in numerous maps.
    • Fixed tanks being able to drive up specific small hedges.
    • Fixed bullet collision on multiple tree assets.
    • Fixed tanks from floating above bomb craters.
    • Fixed German Munitions node producing feathers FX when the sheet metal is shot.

    Currently working on (non-exhaustive list, we just want to give you some idea)

    • Additional RCON commands.
    • Making vaulting more responsive, fluid and polished.
    • Continuing HUD and UI updates.
    • Making MG deployment more responsive, fluid and polished.
    • Implementing mocap and making large changes to our TPP animation systems. These will result in a much more natural look and feel.
    • Our FPP experience - with a focus on gunplay - is being overhauled in a separate branch. This is to both match our new TPP look, but also to greatly increase the fluidity of the FPP experience.
    • Unit management functions (kick/invite and lock).
    • Vehicle locking system.
    • Anti-griefing mechanics.
    • Progression system: We will be unveiling how this will work before release.
    • This ties to a cosmetic system.
    • Optimisations.
    • Diving (performed by proning while sprinting). This is wrapped up with our FPP overhaul currently.
    • Bullet penetration.
    • Map balancing (addition of cover and other features in locations that are either boring or creating a tedious gameplay experience).
    • Vehicles.
    • New gamemode.
    • Three new maps are currently at different stages of development.
    • Updating all audio and SFX. Specifically, vehicle engines, tracks and other aspects are being overhauled at the moment. We’ve also been testing reflections and different reverb volumes alongside all new weapon fire and reload sounds.

    We’re currently finalising the contents of Update 2 and will shortly release a revised roadmap.

    If you’re enjoying Hell Let Loose, you can help us by leaving us a review on Steam.

    See you on the frontline!

    Einiges passiert, ich bin gespannt!


    Meyer :tiger1:

  • PATCH # 6 Release

    Patch #6 - Live Now!

    22. Aug. um 15:06 Uhr - Jonno

    Hey everyone!

    We’re currently hard at work on all the content for Update 2. However, there are some core issues that we want to address first before we start pushing out planned new features.

    This means attempting to balance fixes to critical issues in patches while still being able to focus on a huge game-changing bulk of work that’ll come in the next update - so we appreciate your patience and understanding with this.

    Patch #6 Notes


    • Applied several final changes to Vivox protocol that fix some servers never having VOIP.
    • Applied fix for Vivox breaking after the map changes.


    • White gates are now passable by all vehicles.


    • New US victory song has been applied and credited.

    Visual Improvements

    • Fixed the pixelation of the Luchs gunner’s optic.

    Coming Soon!

    Finished for Update 2

    • Tiger Tank
    • Full sound overhaul for all vehicles (including systems established for all coming vehicles).
    • Unit kicking.
    • Unit locking.
    • Two-way Unit inviting system.
    • A large suite of RCON commands for community server hosts.
    • A forgive and punish system for teamkilling that also punishes concerted griefing.
    • Rework of Armor units - doubled number of Armor units and reduced their size to 3 men.
    • Vehicle locking system - you cannot enter a crewman position in a vehicle if it is already occupied by another Unit. We will be working with the community to refine this per feedback.
    • Vaulting and mantling is now more responsive, fluid and polished.
    • New rig stance changes and general systems upgrade for the FPP experience.
    • First pass of cosmetic system. We will then be fleshing this out and tying it into the progression system which will be released shortly after.

    Currently working on (non-exhaustive list, we just want to give you some idea)

    • Continuing HUD and UI updates.
    • Making MG deployment more responsive, fluid and polished.
    • Implementing mocap and making large changes to our TPP animation systems. These will result in a much more natural look and feel.
    • Our FPP experience - with a focus on gunplay - is being overhauled in a separate branch. This is to both match our new TPP look, but also to greatly increase the fluidity of the FPP experience.
    • Progression system: We will be unveiling how this will work before release. This ties to a cosmetic system.
    • Continued optimisations.
    • Diving (performed by proning while sprinting). This is wrapped up with our FPP overhaul currently.
    • Bullet penetration.
    • Map balancing (addition of cover and other features in locations that are either boring or creating a tedious gameplay experience).
    • Vehicles.
    • New gamemode.
    • Three new maps are currently at different stages of development.
    • Updating all audio and SFX. We’ve been testing reflections and different reverb volumes alongside all new weapon fire and reload sounds.

    We’ll be releasing a revised roadmap shortly, so watch this space!

    Oh and you didn't think we'd leave you wondering what the vehicle SFX overhaul sounds like did you?

    We'll let the Tiger do the talking here...


    YouTube™-Video: Tiger Tank SFX & First Look!

    Aufrufe: 495

    If you're viewing this the chances are you came from Hell Let Loose's Patch Notes! As part of the notes we're sharing a first look at our new vehicle SFX, showcased by the upcoming Tiger.

    If you’re enjoying Hell Let Loose, you can help us by leaving us a review on Steam.

    See you on the frontline!

  • PATCH #7

    EA Update 2 - Tiger Tank - Live Now

    Hi everyone!

    Update 2 is here and while it’s a big one, much of the work has been done behind the scenes. We struggled to think of a proper name for it, as it’s an implementation of key features that the game is currently missing.

    0.jpgYouTube™-Video: Hell Let Loose - EA Update 2 - The Tiger Tank!
    Aufrufe: 1.717
    Hell Let Loose - Update 2 Trailer

    Update 2


    Unit Management

    Out of the gate, the first large scale implementation is our unit management mechanics. You can now lock your Unit - both as you make it and after it’s already been made. This will enable you to curate who’s in your unit. On top of this, we’ve also introduced the ability for Officers to invite players to their unit, as well as kick players. In addition to this, if players attempt to join a locked unit this will send a request to the Officer of the Unit, allowing for reciprocal inviting. In addition to this, when kicking a player from your unit you’ll be asked to give them a reason. We know that managing a Unit can be a stressful and difficult affair, or perhaps you’re keen to play only with friends or your Clan. This update is designed to give you the ability to decide.

    • Locking
    • Inviting
    • Kicking

    The Tiger 1

    The second component of the update is the new German beast - the Tiger 1. We’ve approached the Tiger with care. What it makes up in heavy armor and it’s powerful 88, it loses in speed and it’s relatively high profile. The Germans are able to field a single Tiger 1 and we encourage allied armor crews to take it on in groups, or wait in ambush and hit it from a hull-down, defillade position. While lesser forms of anti-tank measures (such as the Bazooka) will struggle to penetrate the body, aiming for the barrel or tracks will allow you to seriously wound the lumbering giant - making it vulnerable to the faster Allied armor.

    Vehicle Audio Assets and Systems

    The third component of Update 2 is the overhaul of all vehicle sounds - the cannon, engine and track sounds. We’ve finalised the way the sound behaves, as well as invested in high quality recordings of each of the tanks and vehicles in-game - now and coming. Each tank has its own distinct audio signature, allowing you to tell Allied from Axis at range, as well as the nature of its speed and size. The final cherry on top will be the implementation of a ducking system for vehicle occupants in the coming weeks - this will create a proper audio dynamic between the interior and exterior of closed vehicles.

    • Luchs: new engine start, idle, rev and track sounds.
    • Stuart: new engine start, idle, rev, track and cannon sounds.
    • Sherman: new engine start, idle, rev, track and cannon sounds.
    • Panther: new engine start, idle, rev, track and cannon sounds.

    Barracks Customisation System

    The fourth component of Update 2 is the first foundation of our customisation system - the Barracks. The Barracks will serve as a location to view your player level progress, your role progress and all the customisation components you’ve unlocked for each. You’ll be able to equip different helmets, uniforms and change characters for each role - per each force.


    Coming hot on the heels of Update 2 will be the introduction of our progression system. This will complete the Barracks functionality. Included in this will be the ability to change your customisation as you select your role in-game, as well as the ability to select a different primary weapon or loadout.

    Finally, we’ve used the opportunity to roll out much-needed community management tools to help administer community servers. This will assist the fantastic server admins in curating their environment to provide a far better experience.

    Alongside these significant points, we’ve done a lot of work on smaller bugs and issues that we’ve been keen to iron out. We know that this is all good and well, but that the community will be most excited to know about new maps.

    We’ll be releasing an updated roadmap to explain the coming weeks before we drop Update 3.

    As a heads up, Update 3 is going to be HUGE - with Omaha Beach dropping at the same time as our second gamemode - Offensive.

    Major Additions

    • Unit Management
    • Tiger 1 Tank -This rounds out the top end of the German armor until we introduce the Tiger 2 and other surprises.
    • Significant audio upgrade for all vehicles in the game
    • Introduction of the Barracks customisation system
    • Significant RCON administration tools


    • Smoothing out mantling and vaulting from FPP perspective by unlocking the camera and allowing higher tolerances for what could be vaulted.
    • Added several ambient tilts and momentum changes to the FPP rig in order to demonstrate your stance, speed and movement - resulting in a more fluid FPP experience.


    • Changed mip streaming levels for more than 600 textures to lower burden on low-end GPUs.
    • Added proper skeletal mesh LODs for all skeletal meshes (all characters, vehicles, statics).


    • New engine & firing sounds for Sherman tank
    • New engine & firing sounds for Panther tank
    • New engine & firing sounds for Luchs tank
    • New engine & firing sounds for Stuart tank


    • Fixed various small visual issues in each map (floating props etc).


    • Fixed an issue where players have experienced their proximity VOIP channel stop working after loading into a new game from one that's just finished.
    • Fixed an issue where players have experienced the leadership VoIP channel not functioning when creating their first unit after joining a server or swapping from being in a unit to creating one.

    Visual Improvements

    • Altered muzzle blast on tanks to include more drifting smoke.
    • Vehicle dirt trails are now more performant, larger and better looking.


    • Redeploy counter to be made larger and more visible.
    • HUD VoIP notifications are now more legible.
    • Server message and server broadcast have been redesigned to be much less obnoxious and obtrusive.
    • The server browser now has a more obvious scroll bar.


    • Setup admin permission levels and allow Server Owner to add new admins with specific abilities. (Owner/Senior Admin/Junior Admin)
    • Setup ability for admins to force team switch particular players with the choice to do now, or when the player dies.
    • Exposed all auto-balance variables to the server admin (including time and player threshold - as well as ability to disable it).
    • Added ability to give a reason for a server kick or ban.
    • Enabled ability for admins to punish players alongside a reason.
    • Introduced ability for Admins to create a server broadcast message.
    • Created a server log for Admins to view - including all significant 2D information (connects, disconnects, teamkills etc).

    Bug Fixes

    • On the main menu 'Enlist' will appear to overlap and touch the title of the game.
    • Fixed graphical issue with Utah load screen.
    • Fixed low FPS lock caused just after spawn (caused by crashing audio thread).
    • Fixed an issue where players can become stuck on a defunct "Selecting Role" screen when selecting the Leadership role from the "Select Your Role" screen
    • Fixed an issue where the main menu will remain in a faded state after pressing NO on the Quit window.
    • Fixed an issue where the ADS sensitivity option affects multiple pieces of equipment that do not have any ADS functionality.
    • Fixed an issue where after taking damage for the first time during a life, the bandage icon will appear smaller than normal.
    • Fixed an issue where tanks are instantly destroyed when an AT mine is placed next to them. They must now move over them in order to trigger the mine.
    • Fixed an issue where the camera will point upwards or downwards when the player, from a prone position forces collision with another prone player.
    • Fixed multiple graphical issues observed when a player dies or is placed in the critically injured sate on-top of specific tanks.
    • Fixed an issue where Outposts placed in-game are not destroyed in-game or on the map when the unit that created them is disbanded.
    • Fixed an issue when 'ADS Toggle' is set to off, the machine gun ADS animation jitters when tapped compared to being held down.

    Currently Working On

    • Continued overhaul of stock UI and HUD features to make them better looking and better functioning - including pinging, marks, Commander screen, role selection screens, vehicle HUDs, artillery HUDs, heavy weapons HUDs.
    • Flamethrower FPP setup.
    • Progression system.
    • Stats system.
    • Polishing FPP experience to make it more fluid
    • Re-assessing MG deployment mechanic in order to increase functionality and fluidity.
    • Replacing current fat FPP hands with photoreal hands and integrating new sleeves to reflect new uniforms.
    • Currently beginning work on full mocap overhaul of all TPP animations.
    • Working on Western Front backer map #1 (a very iconic map).
    • Working on Western Front urban map (also an iconic location).
    • Testing network load from wheeled vehicles.
    • Scoping out scope polish and visual enhancements.
    • Addition of ambient audio to all maps in line with Utah Beach.
    • Continued audio work in investigating new audio engine implementation.
    • Continued overhaul of audio assets within the game.
    • Re-assessing supply boxes and ammo boxes to remove ugly “redeploy” gameplay loop.
    • Continued visual upgrades and optimisations on all maps and fx.
    • Continued bug fixes across the entire spectrum.
    • Various bug fixes

    Thanks - we’ll see you on the battlefield!



  • Hey everyone,

    Welcome to Developer Briefing #77!

    This week we're happy to be sharing with you the date for Patch 11, talking about what's next for your Uniform suggestions as well as revealing a new Uniform that's coming soon. We'll also be showing off a bit more of the revamped Foy that you'll be getting in Update 7...

    I'm going to hand things over to Max now as gives you his update from the team!

    An update from Max, Lead Developer

    Hi all,

    We’re currently hard at work on Update 7 - which is shaping up to easily be our most significant and large Update yet.

    Normally, it’s a very easy process for us to put together a dev briefing, as we simply deep-dive into the coming features, artwork or other systems. However, in this case we want to maintain some excitement and surprise for what’s to come, so we’ll be starting to unveil the full scope of changes closer to the release date (and there are a LOT of things that we’re excited about!).

    Over the next couple of weeks we’ll also be taking the opportunity to look at some of the methods and processes we use currently in the game to create the various different aspects of it.

    Tactical Maps and Community Talent

    We were blown away this week when a very talented Hell Let Loose subreddit member u/Tommy2Legs who put together an incredible Hell Let Loose style tactical map of Juno Beach - the famous Canadian D-Day landing site.

    Featuring the same visual language as our own maps, as well as near-perfect scale and layout, we thought it was an incredible piece of artwork.


    We not only wanted to show off the incredible work they did on it, but it has also provoked some discussion about pulling back the curtain on the huge amount of work that goes into creating these highly detailed maps, so watch this space!

    Patch 11 - May 28th!

    Patch 11 will be dropping shortly on Thursday, May 28th.

    While it feels small to us compared to our usual Updates, it fixes some aspects we’ve had fed back to us in regards to Update 6, as well as laying the groundwork for our push towards Update 7.

    On top of the above Patch 11 will also include some additional customisation options for your soldiers.

    We’ll be releasing the full change-log which will include all the bug fixes, adjustments and new cutomisations closer to the release date.

    Cosmetic Suggestions & Something New

    Well, what a fantastic response!

    Thanks for all your feedback on the Hell Let Loose subreddit with suggestions for new uniforms, helmets and other cosmetic additions. We’ve collated and saved all submissions we’ve received, as well as the additional information you provided.

    Soon we’ll start the process that’ll allow us to continue adding these to the game in an ongoing fashion in every patch and Update. We’ve also read much of the additional feedback about the customisation system itself and are looking at any changes that need to be made.

    We've also got a little extra something for you! Below you can find some beautiful new renders of the in-game models for the new M43 Combat Uniform for the US forces. This will be added to the game shortly.




    Continued Level Design Work

    Alongside work on 3 unannounced maps, we’ve also been overhauling and upgrading nearly every other existing map in the game. We thought we’d show off a bit more of the Foy work to tide you over while you wait for Update 7.

    We fully intend for Update 7 to drastically improve your gameplay experience across many of the most beloved maps - while at the same time we’re also working to make those less popular maps just as successful as the others.

    We’re paying particular attention to creating viable infantry paths from Strongpoint to Strongpoint, while also enabling access for vehicles. While open 200m fields lead to poor infantry gameplay, cluttering the entire map with constant objects will harm vehicle gameplay. We’ve played a huge amount and identified a relative cover density per meterage. With this in mind, we’ve been making copious notes on particularly challenging or boring Strongpoints or map locations and have been building them out with greater detail and level of interest.

    Please bear in mind that the following images are as work-in-progress.


    We’ve built out many existing Strongpoints with additional approaches.

    Studying the farming infrastructure of the Belgian countryside, we’ve worked hard to create interesting and varied approaches. Previously, a great weakness of Foy’s gameplay was the un-ending and coverless fields - where wire fences would often result in an impossible assault across 200m+ of open ground. With these changes, we expect armour to be just as potent, but with greater and more intense and interesting infantry battles to take place on and between the Strongpoints themselves.


    The AA position has had several open and closed buildings added, with particular attention paid to eyelines and access points.


    The push between the AA position and Trainline now features a pleasant birch forest on the east side of the trainline, including semi-destroyed German positions and supplies placed in the forest to conceal them from the air. While the fastest route is to push along the train line itself, capturing this wooded area will provide a defensible spawn location and an easy place to support the fighting at both Strong Points.


    Dugout Barn has been overhauled, retaining the tiny farming buildings at the corner, but expanding it with a trench network and several other larger structures. We’ve created more openings in the wire fences, and replaced several of them with stone walls so as to create more hard cover for the open-field battles. These deeper trench networks feature locations designed for in-cover spawn placement, and will provide tense CQB gameplay as they’re flushed out.

    That wraps up this week's Developer Briefing, we hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

    See you on the frontline!

  • Und auch Hell Let Loose legt nach:

    Hi everyone!

    While we’re busy at work on Update 7 we wanted to get a release out to fix the persistent crashes and other issues present in Update 6 as soon as we can. Whilst Patch 11’s primary purpose is to address the crashes introduced by Update 6 it also targets as much low hanging fruit as possible.

    As a team, we’re currently working with military precision to achieve our Update 7 release goals. It is absolutely enormous and will be one of the most significant Updates to Hell Let Loose during our Early Access journey.

    Patch Notes

    Content Additions


    US Offensive Layer Added - US forces can now go on the attack in Offensive Mode!

    New Free Seasonal DLC

    The M43 Combat Uniform entered use in the European theatre in late 1944. After D-Day, Paratroopers were issued complete M1943 uniforms, and infantry units began receiving the uniform parts issued individually.


    Just like the Winter Warfare pack, this seasonal DLC is free to anyone who owns the game.

    To get this seasonal free DLC you must download it from the Hell Let Loose Steam Store page.


    Hell Let Loose - Summer Warfare Pack

    28. Mai 2020
    Summer has arrived and with it a new uniform for the US Infantry. Uniform Pack includes: US M1943 Combat Uniform Pack available for free for a limited time as a thank you to our community!

    Kostenlos spielbar

    Please note, whilst the uniform will be added to your Barracks inventory, you will still need to fulfil the required role level requirements to equip it in battle.


    Our Seasonal DLC is designed as a thank you to our dedicated community and to reward veteran players. Please rest assured we will re-activate these DLC packs throughout the year - for free - so stay tuned for the return of the Winter Warfare pack later this year.

    We've also got something for the German forces in this patch with the addition of three new customisation options in the form of our first hats and caps. No download required here, you'll find them in your Barracks upon downloading the patch:

    Please note: Glasses / goggles & smoking paraphernalia are not live yet, these will arrive at a later date.










    • Optimised all character models through fine tuning of LODs. This will lower CPU burden across the board.


    • High probability speculative fix for “ballistics crash” - the key crash affecting both servers and clients (96% of all current client crashes and 100% of all server crashes).
    • Fixed secondary crash (3% of all current client crashes).


    • HUD image for a Recon vehicle's 3rd seat does not correctly scale when zoomed in on certain resolutions.
    • 'Refresh Servers' button will be unresponsive to user interaction if the cursor has not been moved off of the button since the last click
    • Users will be unable to change between 'All Servers' and 'Favourites' if the user already has the cursor positioned over the unselected heading before servers are found

    Visual Improvements

    • Fixed lighting issues across most maps - where shadows at a distance where not rendered (SME, Utah etc).


    • Added German Visor Cap
    • Added German M40 Side Cap
    • Added German M43 Field Cap
    • To access head cosmetics click on your chosen face to open a new menu

    Bug Fixes

    • All closed buildings are now blocked to stop players spawning in them.
    • Added additional names to in-game credits to reflect new team members.
    • No window model present while sitting within the 5th seat of the Greyhound Recon vehicle
    • Clipping issues present on multiple German Uniforms when using the Winter ‘Hans’ head variant.
    • Graphical issues with various Winter Heads are observed on US/German in active gameplay.
    • 'Hans' and 'Karl' have distorted textures on their balaclavas.
    • Puma recon vehicle moves constantly after firing main weapon
    • Recon tooltip for "Surveil"
    • The German Puma and US Greyhound does not give any combat score when destroyed.
    • If a player selects the Officer role after they've been kicked from a unit, they're unable to join any unit.

    Purple Heart Lane

    • [PHL] Bridge has no collision with players and has one way bullet collision in sector C4

    [b]Hill 400]/b]

    • [Hill 400] Deep rivers are not marked as red
    • [Hill 400] The US and German lines are swapped on the deployment and ingame maps
    • [Hill 400] The US Top HQ Heavy Tank spawn location has the exact same spawn point as the Commander's Fuel abilities spawn location.
    • [Hill 400]Changed the rocky ground texture to possess correct footstep sounds.
    • [Hill 400] Fuel orders confirmed within the top German HQ will place the vehicle directly behind the Panther tank
    • [Hill 400] Spawning on the middle US HQ will spawn the player at the bottom US HQ
    • [Hill 400] - German repair station and resupply station are floating in sector J5

    Utah Beach

    • [Utah] Most of the Log Ramps on Utah Beach, in sectors I3-I8, have no collision.

    Omaha Beach

    • [Omaha] The US Recon Vehicle cannot be spawned on the middle HQ spawn.

    Currently Working On (in no specific order)

    • Multiple changes to the Garrison/OP spawn meta
    • Animation overhaul (including overhaul for MG deployment and vaulting systems)
    • New high density urban map
    • An enormous-scale non-hedges bridge map
    • Another non-hedges map
    • Overhaul of all FX in-game (visual and performance)
    • New weapons
    • New armoured vehicles
    • New customisation options
    • Continued bug fixes
    • Continued map overhauls for older maps
    • Continued work on sound overhaul - including all gunfire, Engineer and Support role overhauls
    • Fixing the “re-deploy” gameplay loop
    • Implementing satisfying logistics roles
    • Open-topped wheeled transport and logistics vehicles
    • New Commander abilities and fleshing out of the resource meta
    • Continued polish on both Warfare and Offensive game modes
    • Continued work on progression systems and experience gain

    Essentially - continued work on every single aspect of the game in every area.

    Where to next?

    While Patch 11 is a small update for us by the standards of our usual workload, it’s in service to the huge changes we’ll be bringing in Update 7 - easily our biggest Update to date. The coming weeks are going to start to deep dive into all the ways the game has changed - including the all new FPP and TPP animations, the new vaulting and mantling system, the new MG deployment system, the new map, the several map overhauls, the sound overhaul, the FX overhaul and so much more.

    Community Server Discount

    Lastly, Gportal will be offering a 10% discount to existing and new server owners over the next month.

    These links will grant 10% off HLL server rental for the duration of the period you book for...


    Rest of world

    After many requests, servers are now available for rental in Sao Paulo and Taiwan!

    For those already renting servers from g-portal, you can either wait until your current contract expires and set up a new one using the discount, or contact g-portal and they will provide you with credit equal to 10% of the value of the remaining time on your contract (so it's as though you were applying the 10% discount from today).

    That wraps up today's patch notes! Let us know what you think in the comments section.

    See you on the frontline!


    Meyer :tiger1:

  • Dieses neue System, nur auf Anfrage eine Stationierung von Kfz beim Kommandeur zu erhalten ist auch sowas von Stuhl. All diese Spiele kopieren sich gegenseitig, um dem Konkurrenten in keinem Blödsinn etwas nachzustehen, anstatt vorhandenes zu verbessern und Stuss, der mehr an eine Bau Simulation erinnert, als an ein Wargame, einfach wegzulassen.

    Es ist sehr schade. Man fragt sich schon, ob ein oder andere sich dabei überhaupt etwas gedacht hat.

    Aber man muß wohl auch Verständnis für jene Herren Publisher entwickeln, denn sie wollen ja alle nur unser Bestes, unser Geld!

  • 20% Discount Live Now!

    Hey everyone,

    We're just letting you know that Hell Let Loose is currently 20% off as part of the Team17 Publisher Sale!

    If you've been waiting to join the frontline at a discounted price or looking to get your friends into the action now's a great time!

    What's next?


    We're closing in on Update 7 and we're incredibly excited for what's coming with it:

    • Full 1st & 3rd person animation overhaul
    • New firearm SFX
    • New urban map
    • Further optimisation & bug fixing
    • And more!

    If you'd like to learn more about the Hell Let Loose community, come say hi / join a team or clan feel free to visit our Steam forums, Discord channel and sub-reddit - newcomers are more than welcome at all of these places.

    You can find the Developer Team chatting in all of the above locations, we're all about listening to and engaging with our community as we journey through Early Access together.

    Welcome to Hell Let Loose, we'll see you on the frontline.

  • Hey everyone,

    Welcome to Developer Briefing #79!

    This week marks Hell Let Loose's first anniversary since it launched into Steam Early Access. Time has been flying by and so much has changed since we first clashed on the frontline of Hurtgen Forest.

    To mark the occasion Lead Developer Max has stopped by to put together his thoughts and thanks to you, our community. Max has also taken the opportunity to look back at exactly how Hell Let Loose has grown and developed over the last six months, whilst also looking ahead to what the future holds.

    Oh and we're totally revealing some new helmets for the German forces...

    One Year in Review - A Year in Early Access

    Hi everyone,

    We’re excited today to mark exactly 364 days since Hell Let Loose launched into Early Access on Steam on June 6th, 2019. It’s been an enormous and exciting journey so far, and it’s felt like the year has flown by. Indeed - if Hell Let Loose launched with the Allied invasion force on D-Day, then we’ve been fighting in-game nearly a month past the German surrender! During this time we’ve had huge amounts of fun watching as you - the community - deliver us excellent feedback in order to help us continue crafting the best experience we can.

    It’s hard to believe that the initial Early Access build featured only one tank per team, no leaning or vaulting, one gamemode and only three maps (Sainte Marie Du Mont, Hurtgen Forest and Foy). With more than 5000 submissions to our version control, and not a single day without one (including the weekends!), we greatly enjoy our work.

    Below we’ve included an image that breaks down the largest additions or changes to the game. That said, for the best idea, the notes for each patch and update truly detail the full scope of the changes. For those of you who have not played for a couple of months, you’ll be returning to a very different game. For those of you who haven’t played since release - it may as well be an entirely new game altogether!


    Thank YOU!

    We want to say a huge thank you to the community - not only to those of you who have just joined recently, but particularly to the very first backers of our crowdfunding campaign - all the way back in 2017. Without your initial support, Hell Let Loose would not have got off the ground.

    Over the coming months we’ll be making good on any final rewards promised to each Backer tier.

    Because of the continued success of Hell Let Loose, we’ve been enormously proud to build the team up to better support the title in every department. Our small team of 7 at the launch of Early Access has now transformed into 15 - enabling us to overhaul fundamental aspects of the game in our ever present push to deliver the best experience possible.

    The Future

    If you’ve followed the development of the game so far, you’ll know that we enjoy dropping as much content as humanly possible - alongside large scale bug fixes and systems overhauls. The future for Hell Let Loose is incredibly bright, and our initial plan to support the title across new theaters.

    We’ll be releasing huge amounts of information over the coming weeks about what our roadmap to leaving Early Access looks like - and we’ll also hint to the future beyond it. Please be assured that this is still the early stages of the development of Hell Let Loose. There is so much more for us to do - including new fx, sounds, environments, maps, customisation options, weapons, Commander abilities, optimisation and many other things.

    Every step we take will be taken as it always has done, side by side with the community. Your thoughts, suggestions and feedback have been integral to Hell Let Loose's development and will continue to do so.

    Our current goal right now is to integrate many of the new optimisation and mapping techniques that we’ve refined into all current maps. We have a good idea of what our 1.0 map list looks like and so we’re excited to make sure that each map is just as performant and fun to play as all the others. Once we release Update 7, we’ll be pushing forward to finalise a version of the game that we feel reflects a successful 1.0 launch, before we move on to more new features, content and lots more.

    While so much has happened in a year, we expect the gap between version quality and total breadth of content to be even more significant this time next year. Some of the largest quality overhauls that you’ll experience are yet to come!

    From myself and all of the team, thank you.

    New German Helmets

    That wraps up Max's message!

    So, at the start of the brief we mentioned new German helmets that are on the way - let's take a look at a few that you'll be getting your heads on in the near future:






    Thank you for an amazing first year.

    We'll see you on the frontline!