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    Was great to see alot of people on our dh tank server last nite. Hope we can continue this and carry on with Brutus good work there.

    Sorry late in saying hi to you, welcome to the mad house. Dont worry about speaking german they will all help you alot and i have already picked up alot of swear words!! I hopefully will test these out if i can visit the clan in germany sometime - I am not sure how far i will make it past the border guards when i try my german swear words out!!!

    Last night while on our server (logged in as admin)i had a virtual memory crash(god knows why as I have 8GB). Now i am unable to play DH on our Server, sometimes i highlight my role it blacks out but does not load, if it does I cannot enter a vehicle all the time and if once in i cannot get out. also once on the move in a tank the throttle does not work. I have deleted dh from steam and reinstalled it and got exactly the same problems.

    However on the practice part of the game, i have full functions and everything works

    Hi all

    I know Brutus covers DH most nights, but tonight i was on the tank server, and was subject to swearing and alot of team kills. I had other players asking me to do something about it but I dont have admin rights yet. would this be possible?

    Hi All - hope you missed me

    Now back and got a new pc - including a ati 2gb 5970!!

    Installing stuff as we speak so might need help with lots of stuff again.

    see you all soon

    Just like to say was great joining you guys a few nights ago and much appreciated you speaking english to me and trying to learn me german swear words to use at panzermeyer!!!

    Hope you had a great Easter and look forward to joining you all soon

    are we still on for a war tonight
    icm vs pzdf was meant to be us combined vs 2 others
    arad bridges too far winter 17pz
    and black day jukly winter ss heavy - all your maps
    please please confirm asap
    bigduke 6


    Sorry I forgot what date we said in June, I am not sure if you said the 3rd?, But can you make it any sunday please as we can ensure a full turnout. When you have finished tweaking the battle, we will organise to come and practice with you all. Also could you send the battle to us so we can have a look at it in our own time?

    With reference to team numbers 20vs 20 would be OK? 10 from us and ten from you, but obviously this may change to numbers available on the day. We do have a couple of german speakers and we are contacting FSQ to see if they will play against us both and have you got any ideas for another team to play against us?

    We are all looking forward to it and I have encouraged my guys to come to your servers and say Hi to you all.

    Thanks again
    BigDuke 6 and the IcM Team

    I have a hard enough time speaking english let alone anything else!!!

    Take care guys and have a good Christmas and new year

    I know a few of you know me on your servers(panzermeyer etc), but I have been a great admirer of you all and what you do for the RO community. I enjoy playing your tanks maps. I have some problems in tying to put a translater on to your site as it starts off in English but when I log in it turns it back to german.

    Good tanking