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    June 26, 2019 -
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    Enter a new era of warfare with Bolt Action: Korea. This new supplement is packed with new units and special rules to help you recreate this forgotten conflict!

    Bolt Action Campaign supplement: Korea

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    The Korean War

    Fought between 1950 and 1953, the Korean War was one of the first major conflicts of the Cold War. Backed by the Soviet Union and Communist China, the North Korean regime battled for control of the peninsula against the South Korean government and a 21-country UN task force.

    The Korean War is unique and interesting in the annals of world and military history in its own right. An aspect rarely discussed is the cultural implications of so many Western, non-Western and European nations fighting against combatants from the Orient. Due to the vast cultural diversity of so many nations fighting in such a geographically small area, cultural differences would have a significant impact on how the combatants treated each other on the field of battle. These differences went beyond simple language barriers, they included problems in logistics, religion, personnel replacements and the method in which war was conducted.

    Army lists

    With army lists for all five major combatants, you’ll also be able to include the major United Nations ground forces involved; France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Turkey and many others.

    Play the North Koreans, Chinese, South Koreans, the U.S. and the Commonwealth forces. There is something for every player of Bolt Action 2 to experience for the Korean War.


    Inside the book

    The new supplement continues where World War II left, containing information for all three years of the conflict.

    You will find some new and exciting rules in the supplement for the use of Jet aircraft and a new special character, the “Seasoned NCO” to add to your collection.

    You’ll find a comprehensive history of the conflict with details of every major battle fought between the two sides. It also includes details of the various forces and their organisation, commanders, and equipment. Scenarios are provided for many of the battles, along with comprehensive force selectors to help you assemble your force.

    A copy of the Bolt Action 2nd Edition rules is needed to use this supplement.


    Don’t forget, if you order direct from Warlord Games webstore, you’ll get a FREE exclusive miniature – Frozen Chosin.


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    Add some character to your Korean War UN force with this fantastic MASH Unit. They could be used as medics, objective markers or part of a diorama!

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    “MiG Alley”

    Scream into the first large-scale jet-vs-jet air battles as you head into “MiG Alley”, North Korea, for Blood Red Skies!


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    frunds1.jpg Wir Deutschen fürchten nur Gott sonst nichts auf der Welt!

  • Auch wenn es im Moment auf wenig "liebe" stößt :)

    Reinforcements for the KPA have arrived. Get your troops to the frontline with the BTR-40 APC, lay down supporting fire with the dSHK HMG team, and personalise your armour with the KPA Tank Crew!

    KPA BTR-40 APC

    Primarily used by the North Koreans as a transport for anti-tank guns and heavier anti-aircraft guns, The BTR-40 APC was nevertheless used to move troops en masse. To the front! >
    KPA BTR-40 APC

    KPA dSHK HMG Team

    The dSHK HMG team provides some supplementary firepower for the Korean People's Army. Use it to cover the advance of your troops.
      Suppressive Fire! >

    KPA Tank Crew

    Use them as objectives, officers, or personalise your tanks with these highly characterful KPA models.

    frunds1.jpg Wir Deutschen fürchten nur Gott sonst nichts auf der Welt!