WARLORD Bolt Action Neuerscheinungen / New Stuff

  • Als pre Order:

    Carro Armato/Semovente Previously available only as a three tank platoon, the Carro Armato/Semovente box set is now available for Pre-Order!

    This superbly detailed plastic kit is highly customisable, allowing you to build either an M13/40, the main Italian tank of World War Two, or a Semovente 75/18 self-propelled gun.
    You may think these tanks may only be for Italian Bolt Action armies, but you’d be dead wrong. Captured examples of the M13 were used by the Australians at Tobruk and the Germans were known to use Semoventes.
    The kit has you covered, including a decal sheet with Italian army, German army and Australian Army markings.

    Find out more about the kit here »
    Soviet Armour

    Care of our friends over at Trenchworx, these new superb new resin vehicles are ripe to be added to a Soviet Bolt Action army.

    T-35 Tank Bristling with weaponry it may be, but due to the relatively thin skin of the T-35, it is rated in Bolt Action as only equivalent to a medium tank. Additionally, it was notoriously unreliable; this is reflected in its special rules - it gains additional pin markers when fired upon. af690f59-e93f-4c78-bc5c-93b8ee59741e.png
    T-38 Tankette The T-38 tankette was a modernized refinement on the T-37A, but only proved a moderate improvement. Used primarily for reconnaissance and infantry support, the tankette’s poor armour was balanced, in some theatres, by its low silhouette and amphibious capability. af690f59-e93f-4c78-bc5c-93b8ee59741e.png
    Battlefield Details: Plastic Terrain Sets

    Though, as wargamers, we are fully able to replicate famous battles of history using nothing but a tabletop and our fertile imaginations, nothing compares to rolling dice on a fully kitted out battlefield ...


    Meyer :tiger1:

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    Free Shipping for Orders over £25 For a limited time, any orders placed on our Webstore from mainland UK for £25.00 or more will qualify for free standard shipping.

    Offer ends 08/07/2020. Very heavy items may still carry a surcharge. Mainland UK shipping only.
  • Nicht mein Kriegsschauplatz aber der Eine oder Andere mag es bestimmt, News zu Korea:

    Seventy Years On: The Korean War

    On the eve of the anniversary of the beginning of the 'Forgotten War', we look at replicating the conflict in Bolt Action using the Korea supplement.

    We’re marking the 70th anniversary of the commencement of the Korean War with these great value army bundles. Armed with the Bolt Action rulebook, the Korea supplement and enough fantastic miniatures to assemble a capable 1000 point army, you’ll be gaming the ‘Forgotten War’ on the tabletop in no time.
    Korean People's Army af690f59-e93f-4c78-bc5c-93b8ee59741e.png
    Chinese People's Volunteer Army af690f59-e93f-4c78-bc5c-93b8ee59741e.png
    Commonwealth af690f59-e93f-4c78-bc5c-93b8ee59741e.png
    United States Marines af690f59-e93f-4c78-bc5c-93b8ee59741e.png
    Additionally, purchase anything from our Bolt Action Korea collection and receive Double Warlord Medals!

    Warlord Medals is the new name for our reward system on the Warlord Webstore. Earn Medals every time you make a purchase or complete certain activities, and redeem them for vouchers you can use on future Warlord Purchases!

    You can find more information here »

    Offer ends 23.59 BST on 01/06/2020.
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    This weekend sees Finland celebrate the anniversary of it's national independence! In recognition of this, we're offering limited time discounts across our Finnish ranges for both Bolt Action And Konflikt '47, featuring infantry, vehicles and army bundles. Curious about how a Finnish army might look on the table? Check out Tobias' own force in this 'On the Table' video.

  • Es gibt Neues von der Warlordfront :

    Merry Christmas Hobbyists!

    This year we're bringing the gift of new miniatures. These fantastic new Bolt Action products are now available for Pre-Order! Feast your eyes!

    M5 Stuart Plastic Kit

    This new versatile plastic kit can be assembled as either an M5 Stuart, M5A1 Stuart or an E7-7 Mechanised Flamethrower, and to boot is suitable for many a Bolt Action army, including US, British, Soviet and Chinese.


    M5 Stuart Platoon

    This platoon set gives you three of these tanks to assemble as you see fit, whether you're looking to field a three vehicle platoon of a single variant, or want to add one of each variant to your army at a discounted price against purchasing three separately.


    Soviet NKVD Squad

    In 1941 the Soviet Union's fortified borders were manned by units of the NKVD (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs). These units were almost entirely destroyed in the first weeks of the campaign. After this, NKVD troops were chiefly used for internal security, but could potentially fight on the frontline as they did at Stalingrad in 1942 and during the Crimean Offensive in 1944.


    Soviet Airborne Squad

    The Soviets were visionaries in the development of airborne troops and tactics, first forming a brigade-sized airborne unit after successful trials in December 1932. More units followed and by June 1941 five Airborne Corps existed in the Soviet order of battle, undoubtedly the strongest airborne force in the world. However, in the desperate fighting of the early campaign these formations were pressed into service as regular infantry and virtually consumed.


    Soviet Anti-Tank Teams

    The armies of the Soviet Union had many weapons at their disposal to counteract the threat of German armoured formations - from orthodox anti-tank rifles, oddball 'Molotov Cocktail' throwers and the unconventional use of dogs as living anti-tank mines.


    That's all for now. We'll be back in the New Year!

  • So, die Kollegen von Warlord haben mal wieder was rausgehauen:

    und etwas breiter aufgestellt hier:


    After releasing our last mystery box, we were overwhelmed with emails and messages from customers who missed their chance to grab one!

    We've also listened to your feedback, watched your unboxings and looked at your loot-piles on the Facebook pages and changed the contents for our second haul of boxes, and we've created 1000 more, with even more stuff crammed into them!

    The content value of our boxes has shifted upward and the boxes have a more rigid plan as to what can be found within, ensuring that everyone receives tabletop gaming accessories, books and rule supplements, sprues, boxes or blisters of infantry - everything shown in the image above can be found together in a mystery box - whilst yours may be different (for example you may get a Tiger tank, a Konflikt 47 walker, a box of Woodland Indians or selection of BA infantry instead of the Samurai infantry or Char 1 tank, to name a few things I've seen going into these boxes!) you will still get a huge haul of goodies to dive into!

    The New-New Warlord Games Mystery Box!

    Grab yourself a guaranteed saving on every box, With a minimum of £85 / $136 worth of goodies stuffed within!


    After our initial 500 boxes selling out in less than 24hrs, we've asked the warehouse to pack up twice as many this time!


    Solo Play Rules

    These rulesets will allow those of you in the throes of lockdown to continue to enjoy some of your favourite Warlord Games at home. As well as re-highlighting all the rules we've previously featured, we've got brand new solo-play rules for Strontium Dog!


    Strontium Dog - Bounty Hunter

    These rules adapt Warlord Games' Strontium Dog skirmish game for solo play. You take the role of a mutant Search/Destroy agent, tracking down wanted criminals across the universe.


    Judge Dredd - The Graveyard Shift

    The night‐time period between 2100 and 0500 hours is known as the Graveyard Shift to the Judges patrolling the streets. Mega‐City One erupts in an orgy of crime, with only the Judges preventing the city from descending into total chaos.


    Victory at Sea - Tokyo Express

    With their isolated garrisons in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands under sustained attack by US forces, Imperial Japanese Navy planners needed a way to resupply their embattled troops.


    Erehwon - Tomb Robbers

    Claim the riches of the Valley of Fire with the warriors of the Hashima Clan. Explore the sprawling tombs but be wary of cunning mechanical traps and undead warrior guardians, not to mention marauding orcs.


    Remember today is the last day to pre-order our Epic Battles: American Civil War boxed set (or Pre-Order Bundle) if you want to receive the exclusive miniatures pictured below; Confederate General Robert E. Lee and Union General George Meade. To guarantee that you'll receive them, you must place your order by 23.59 GMT today.


    Video Painting Guides

    The very talented Pete the Wargamer has provided video guides on how to paint both Union and Confederate infantry over on the offical Warlord Games Youtube channel.

    We've also put together bundles for the colours used by our studio painters. Particualrly handy for those who picked up an Epic Battles sprue early in the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated!

    The Second Great Mystery Box

    After releasing our last mystery box, we were overwhelmed with emails and messages from customers who missed their chance to grab one!

    We've also listened to your feedback, watched your unboxings and looked at your loot-piles on the Facebook pages and changed the contents for our second haul of boxes, and we've created 1000 more, with even more stuff crammed into them!

    Grab yourself a guaranteed saving on every box, With a minimum of £85 / $136 worth of goodies stuffed within!

    Bin echt am überlegen ob ich das mit der Mysterybox mal riskiere, kollege von mir hat damit richtig Glück gehbat... Zur Not Ebay und weg damit ^^:D:hello:


    Meyer :tiger1:

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    For the next few days, we're doubling the Medals you earn on all purchases!
    Medals can be used to get money off future purchases in the store.

    Having a good supply of medals is a good thing, believe me... If I told you why, I'd get in trouble though, but, just trust me.. you're gonna want to stock up on medals soon...

    The New Amy Builder!

    Don't Forget ; We also recently launched the new Army Builder! Which you can redeem existing medals against or use to super-charge your medal-stock!

    Stock up on medals? Was that a spoiler? a leak? Whatever could they be talking about....

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    For a limited time, earn double Warlord Medals on every purchase on the Warlord Webstore. When enough are accumulated, they can be exchanged for vouchers for money off against future Warlord purchases - whatever they are! Fantastic whether you're bulking up an existing army, starting a new project, or are tempted by a tantalising new pre-order!

    Offer ends 23:59 GMT on Friday 15th January


    D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors

    Pre-orders for the second in our Bolt Action campaign book series, have begun to arrive through your letterboxes. There is still time to order and claim an exclusive pre-order book miniature, but hurry, this offer ends Friday!


    The Die is Cast: Collecting Caesarian Romans

    Veni, Vidi, Vici. In death, the Romans made him a god. In life, Rome's enemies suffered Gaius Julius Caesar's wrath as if he already was one. Caesar was simply the greatest military commander that has ever lived, and thus is a fascinating subject for miniature wargaming.


    Getting The Most from Konflikt '47 Starter Armies

    Chris Hale talks us through the contents of each of the starter boxes available for Konflikt '47 and provides suggested army lists for those venturing into the world of the Weird War for the first time.


    The Rating System in the Age of Sail

    With Black Seas fleets now also able to used in fantasy game Armada (see below), we have the complete guide to the size and shape of vessels you'll find in the game of the Age of Sail.


    Make your Black Seas fleets compatible with Mantic's Armada!

    Did you know that existing Black Seas fleets are totally compatible with Mantic Games' new fantasy Naval game - Armada?

    This pack contains 16 cards and 7 tokens to allow your Age of Sail historical fleets to be used as the Kingdoms of Men faction in Armada, including ship cards and specific fleet rules. Test the mettle of the Kingdoms of Men against the great nation of Pannithor and marauding Orcs.

    The Second Great Mystery Box

    After the overwhelming response to our second wave of mystery boxes, there are only a small number left to be claimed!

    With over £85.00 / $136.00 of goodies stuffed within, each box represents a huge saving against purchasing separately.

    What Warlord hobby goodness will you find in yours?

  • Neue Tommies:


    British & Canadian Infantry - Pre-Order Now!

    We couldn't be more excited to launch pre-orders for our new plastic infantry kit. With a wealth of options on every sprue, there's insane scope for variation - that's before considering the optional heads and potential for kitbashing!

    Not only do we have a new infantry box, but a brand new great value Starter Army box incorporating the new sprues. Before we dig in to the new kit, have you seen the video teaser?

    British & Canadian Army infantry (1943-45)

    Allowing you to build 30 infantry, this box set has the makings of a fine Bolt Action army - whether British or Canadian (or even Scottish with the included Tam o'shanter caps). Weapons include the Lee Enfield No 4 rifle, Bren light machine gun, Sten sub-machine gun, 2-inch light mortar, PIAT anti-tank projector, Webley service revolver and Mills Bombs. You'll also find full-colour decal sheets for both British and Canadian troops.

    For a closer look at the new sprue, you can check out our preview.


    British & Canadian Starter Army (1943-45)

    Containing no less than 36 of the new infantry, supplemented by weapons teams, transports and a Churchill tank (itself highly customizable as you can build any one of seven variants) this boxed set gives you a highly effective and balanced starting force for a British or Canadian army.



    • 36 British or Canadian Infantry (plastic)
    • British Army MMG team (metal)
    • British Army medium mortar team (metal)
    • British Army 6-pounder anti-tank gun (metal)
    • Universal Carrier including passenger figures (plastic)
    • Churchill infantry tank (plastic)
    • Stat Cards, Bases, Decals, Assembly Leaflets and Vehicle Damage Markers

    Campaign D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors Pre-Order Bundles

    You can also pre-order either the above new box sets alongside our most recent Bolt Action supplement, D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors, which handily enough contains a full Canadian army list. It's also another chance to grab hold of special edition miniature, Stanley Hollis VC, not available outside of these pre-order bundles.


    Campaign Book with Infantry Box


    Campaign Book with Starter Army

    Churchill AVREs

    Did you guess from our not so cryptic clue on Wednesday? Courtesy of our friends at Trenchworx, you can now pre-order the brand new Churchill AVREs (Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers). The AVRE was essentially a Churchill with a new main gun and a whole host of attachments for various engineering tasks. There are three variants of Hobart's Funnies to choose from!


    AVRE with Small Girder Bridge


    AVRE with Fascine


    AVRE with Bobbin

  • Und als ob Warlord es geahnt hat das ich grad am posten bin kam eben dies noch per Mail... :moped2:


    Your Regular Roundup of New Releases and Pre-Orders

    This week, we got a whole flurry of Victory at Sea releases, including the much anticipated rulebook, as well as carriers, aircraft flights, submarines & MTBs. From today, you can also pre-order Jaguar Warriors, which are sure to be a staple of any Mythic Americas Aztec warband, as well as an undead monstrosity and scuttling magic users.

    In other news, it's Valentine's Day this weekend, so to celebrate, we're giving you 10% off a selection of things that go boom. Is it any surprise that this includes the Valentine tank? Browse the full Valentines Collection here.

    Offer runs until 14/02/2021.


    Jaguar Warriors with macuahuiti

    Perhaps the most recognizable of Aztec warriors, and fulfilling the role of elite melee unit for the warband, you can now pre-order Jaguar Warriors armed with the deadly macuahuitl.



    An undead monstrosity, the Ayar can threaten enemy units with its strong melee attacks and by hurling corpses as a ranged attack.


    Spider Sisters

    These magic users scuttle across the battlefield, using their powers to support friendly units whilst evading the throes of close combat as much as possible.


    Spruce up your Table

    These plastic trees are scaled perfectly to populate the battlefields for our new Black Powder Epic Battles – American Civil War range. Nothing improves a tabletop wargame more than fighting it over fantastic scenery!


    Now Available - Rulebooks, Aircraft Flights, Subs & MTBs & More

    The much-anticipated, and hefty, rulebook for Victory at Sea has docked at Warlord and is ready for shipping! Packed with history, scenarios and perhaps most excitingly, exhaustive fleets lists comprising hundreds of unique ships, aircraft flights, submarines and MTBs, the rulebook is the ultimate resource for players.

    A small number of copies of the Admiralty Edition remain in stock - limited to strictly 200 produced - this collector's book has an exclusive monotone design, silvered page edges, page ribbons and end papers with ship recognition designs - and is signed by the game's author.


    Standard Edition


    Collector's Edition


    Royal Navy

    Supplement your Royal Navy fleet with S-class submarines, Fairmile MTBs and Gloster Gladiator aircraft.



    You can now field U-Boat wolfpacks, R- and S- Boats, and even a carrier fleet (though this didn't happen historically) thanks to the arrival of the Graf Zeppelin and FW190 aircraft flights.


    United States Navy

    The US Navy fleet is supplemented with the carrier USS Yorktown which played an instrumental part the battle of Midway. There are also Submarines, MTB sections and F6F Hellcats.


    Imperial Japanese Navy

    The Akagi joins the growing ranks of vessels available to Victory at Sea IJN players in addition to more aircraft flights and of course submarines and MTBs.

    3 for 2 on Hail Caesar Blisters

    For a limited time, buy any two selected Hail Caesar Blister packs and receive a third absolutely free. Perfect for bulking out a Hail Caesar or SPQR army with additional command options, specialist units or even a renowned named general to lead your force.

    Simply add three products from the collection to your cart, and the cheapest will automatically be discounted at checkout.

    Offer runs until 16/02/2021.

  • embeddable_779c65a0-e853-4034-977f-d3b80ea4b29c.png

    The much anticipated Blood Red Skies Digital Edition Kickstarter is now live! Command a squadron of Second World War aircraft as they engage in tense tactical aerial engagements with up to 18 aircraft per side.

    Playable in single-player against a cunning AI, or head-to-head online, the game features an engaging combination of unit level strategy and action card play. The title faithfully captures the true cut and thrust of WW2 aerial combat.

    Hit the links below to check out the Kickstarter page or watch a video run-through of a game in action.


    Blood Red Skies FAQ

    For existing players of the tabletop version of Blood Red Skies, we have a newly updated FAQ. Complied as an official FAQ for Blood Red Skies from various questions and answers within the gaming community, all answers on this document have been edited by BRS' designer, Andy Chambers, and can be considered to be from an Official Source.


    Revised Edition Redemption Scheme

    On Wednesday we announced the revised edition of SPQR, our warband skirmish game set in the ancient world.

    We also launched a limited time redemption scheme - you can get a free copy of the new softback rulebook when purchasing one of a selection of SPQR infantry box sets.

    This offer is strictly limited to one redemption per household/customer, and ends 24 March 2021. For more information, and to see the eligible box sets, hit the link below.


    Max & Marcus' Monday Musings.

    Did you catch the regular Monday evening Warlord Games Twitch Stream? Fear not if you missed it, as the full video is now available on YouTube. This week, Max and Marcus discussed the Normandy Front in preparation for a game next week. Marcus plots how to get a heavy tank in a small list, and Max has the revolutionary idea that Machine guns might have a use on a battlefield! They also talk the most recent Bolt Action FAQ.


    Conor's Hobby Corner

    The latest addition to Warlord's Customer Service Team here at Warlord HQ, Conor has big hobby plans, aiming to dip into a large array of of games systems. In his first article, he talks about building a Kriegsmarine fleet for Victory at Sea.


    Order Now - Issue #399 March 2021 Edition

    Wargames Illustrated is back with their monthly scoop of juicy hobby tidbits. This months issue is packed with content, from interstellar fleet combat, a painting guide for United States Marine Corps to terrain guides, you'll find something to pique your interest!


    Don't Miss These Exciting Pre-Orders


    British & Canadian Infantry

    The new plastic kit for the British and Canadians is fantastically detailed and allows for myriad customization options.


    Epic Battles: American Civil War

    We're creeping ever closer to the highly-anticipated release of our Epic Battles system. Massive Armies - regular tables!


    Soviet Infantry Squads

    Three new box sets, all suitable as defenders of Stalingrad, bolster the options of Soviet Bolt Action players: NKVD squads, Soviet Airborne, and Anti-tank Teams.


    Regia Marina Fleet

    The Italian Regia Marina will be the fifth fleet to sail into Victory at Sea, with a starter fleet box, battleship Vittorio Veneto, and Subs & MTBs available. Don't forget to check out the great value "All-in" Pre-order bundle!

  • Habt Ihr das hier schon gesehen, die machen jetzt auch in PC Spielen?

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