Post Scriptum Updates

  • Greetings!

    This update contains some minor fixes as well as a new invasion layer for Carentan. We are still working on optimization, performance and loading times. We appreciate all the feedback we've been getting regarding this issue.

    We have also implemented the first few changes approved via the new "Through the Periscope" feedback program.

    Changelog v2.0.790.14943

    • Added Carentan Invasion 01.
    • Removed assembly animation for M7 grenade launcher.
    • Added new destroy animation with shovels (right click).
    • Fixed missing APCBC shell icon on M18 Hellcat.
    • Fixed M18 Hellcat scope being on the wrong side of the barrel.
    • Fixed Tiger 2 animation issue for driver seat.
    • Fixed main menu Show/Hide option.
    • Sdkfz.222 is more resistant to shaped charges.
    • General map and game optimization.
    • [Through the Periscope]: Added Radioman ability to refresh regroup calls.
    • [Through the Periscope]: Recoil changes to all machine guns.
    • [Through the Periscope]: Adjusted Footstep for jog and sprint to be louder.
    • [Through the Periscope]: Hide enemy tickets on the scoreboard.
    • [Through the Periscope]: Changed Rate of fire on M1 Garand, G41, G43 changed from 0.1 to 0.17
    • [Through the Periscope]: Changed Rate of fire on M1 Carbine changed from 0.1 to 0.15

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  • Greetings!

    We have small patch coming to tweak the new Carentan Invasion layer as well as a few fixes.

    Changelog v2.0.798.14983

    • Adjusted minefield location on Carentan Invasion 01
    • Fixed exploding vehicles on Utah Beach
    • ZB26 recoil value tweaked to match Bren
    • Readding mortar shell name gone missing
    • Fixed unenterable houses on Utah Beach
    • Carentan Invasion 01 is getting one US MSP and German are getting none in defense.


    Periscope Games

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  • Greetings!

    This update will bring some new features and additions to the game alongside some fixes well needed.

    Let's go over some of the changes that have been made to the game.

    First of all, we've gone back and given our Waffen SS models some well-needed love after nearly 2 years. Have a look at the new models you can see in-game.


    The second major change is the addition of knives that can be used as melee weapon. This has been a request for quite a while and thanks to the Through the Periscope feedback program, it has now made its way into Post Scriptum.


    Next up is the new deployable Anti-Tank Guns. We recognized a bit ago that the towing system isn't a good solution for the game due to the reliance on physics which, no matter how well we optimize it will cause weird glitches and issues. So, for now, the towing has been disabled while we work on a more optimal solution.

    In order to compensate for this, and with the help of the feedback program we have made Anti-Tank weapons buildable including previously static weapons like the Flak 36 (88mm) and the Flak 38 (20mm). They also allow more flexibility in that they aren't static and so ambush positions can now more effectively be set up.


    The Anti-Tank weapons have a base cost of 800 with the Flak 36 at a cost of 1000 points. Furthermore, you are limited to a maximum of 2 spawned anti-tank guns per team at any given time.

    The guns will come in 2 stages similar to our other emplacements and buildable, an unbuilt and a built state. In the unbuilt state, the weapon will not be able to shoot or move and will need to be dug down similar to how other deployable are built.


    Once built the anti-tank gun will turn into a vehicle that can be moved around. This only includes the anti-tank weapons that can actually move around, the Flak 36 and Flak 38 are not able to move and so they can quickly become vulnerable to air support.

    The last major change is that we've added a Chassis Integrity icon to vehicles, this will give our vehicle drivers better information about the integrity of their vehicle. While we understand that Post Scriptum for many is a hardcore experience and they aren't necessarily a fan of these informational icons, we feel that it's important to give our players new and experienced enough information so that they can learn the in's and out's of the game.


    Get your full changelog below:

    Changelog v2.0.814.15050

    • Added new Waffen SS models
    • [Through the Periscope]: Added new knives as melee weapons to all factions.
    • [Through the Periscope]: Added deployable Anti-Tank Guns from logistic trucks. (Max spawn limit: 2 per team)
    • [Through the Periscope]: Added Chassis Integrity icon to all vehicles.
    • [Through the Periscope]: Canteen is now bound to Weapon slot #7.
    • Ticket count visible at the end for both teams on the scoreboard.
    • Fixed Austin K5 driver not registering damage.
    • Fixed problematic respawn at Marshland N. and Marshland S. on Utah Beach Invasion 01.
    • Fixed head mesh clipping through the german helmet.

    One last thing, we are still raising money for the Airborne Museum and for that we are auctioning away a one of a kind Official Post Scriptum Developer hoodie, all proceedings of which will go to the museum and the fundraiser!

    You can find the fundraiser here.


    Periscope Games


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  • Und ein neues Update, wohl mehr ein Hotfix zum vorigen großen Patch :OPA:


    Last week we released the update that introduced the deployable AT Guns and we have been monitoring their use and implementation closely, this helped us identify a few issues that were never thought about, this update should help this.

    We also did a little more rebalancing to our Sten gun due to community feedback and we hope the changes will do good to the gameplay.

    We will continue to monitor the update and the deployable AT Guns.

    Get your full changelog below:

    Changelog v2.0.820.15079

    • Fixed Deployable AT Gun being spawnable for free on FOB's.
    • Fixed Deployable AT Guns being available on Utah.
    • Fixed Deployable AT Guns being placeable inside most objects and on top of buildings.
    • Fixed Deployable Pak 36 spawning Pak 38 on Chapter 2 maps.
    • Fixed Sten to have same recoil pattern as the MP40.
    • Added Flak 36 to Chapter 2 deployable AT Guns.
    • Changed Panzerfaust MOA from 60 to 200.
    • Changed Sten sway to match the MP40.
    • Changed Sten sight to has less blur.
    • Changed the Zf39 Scope for the Kar98k to have smaller scope border.
    • Changed the Thompson recoil pattern to be less random and violent.

    We are still raising money for the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek and we are auctioning away a one of a kind Official Post Scriptum Developer hoodie, all proceedings of which will go to the museum and the fundraiser!

    You can find the fundraiser here.


    Periscope Games



    Meyer :tiger1:

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  • Greetings!

    Since our last patch that brought some fixes to our deployable AT guns as well as some well-needed weapon adjustment, we have been hard at work on cooking up another sizeable update.

    This update introduces several new additions to improve the experience of our players, with this update you will see the addition of the “Victory Screen” which will replace the scoreboard as the default end screen for matches, you can still find the old scoreboard by pressing and holding TAB the same way you do during a normal game.


    Depending on your winning and losing conditions of the game you will encounter different titles and messages on the victory screen, these range from Minor Victory/Defeat, Major Victory/Defeat to Total Victory/Defeat. As well as the winning or losing conditions like the enemy won by holding the objectives or from running out of tickets.

    The Victory Screen will also feature several statistics separated into the best section and best player categories, these categories are:

    - Objectives

    Time spent in the objective either as an attacker or defender.

    Having a full squad in a cap will give you a multiplier

    - Combat Efficiency

    Kill / Wound / Death Ratio score

    Accuracy and Suppression Overall score.

    - Camaraderie



    - Logistics

    FOB Uptime in total

    Emplacements constructed

    - Personal Statistics

    Shots fired



    KIlls / Wounds / Deaths ratio

    Soldiers Revived

    Vehicles Destroyed

    All of these stats are only relevant to your match and it’s is not being tracked or saved.

    The update also brings our own Message Of The Day (MOTD) screen to the game, this was a big request from a lot of our communities who are seeking for better ways to inform server rules and information to their players.


    The new MOTD is very customizable, allowing you to change headings to various sizes, colour coding of text and even allows for you to upload a 64x64 pixel server logo for you to use. The MOTD will be the first screen the player will be presented when they join your server and you can see the MOTD at any time by pressing the MOTD button on the top left of the scoreboard.

    For our logistics players, we are also introducing some enhancements, now all emplacements will generate a colour coded outline around the which will tell you the building state of a structure. The colour is Red for unbuilt but placed state, Yellow for Semi-built and Green for fully built emplacements. Additionally, you can see the health of a deployable you are looking at, the healthbar will be located in the lower right corner of your screen.


    We have also gone ahead and added a new M3 Halftrack to the game, we have given the Lee Enfield and the Springfield sniper scopes the same treatment we gave the K98k in the last patch, the M10, M18 and King Tiger will also be present on Chapter 1 maps alongside the armoured layers.


    (.50 Cal included)

    And lastly, we have gone ahead and made several game fixes to short and long time bugs in the game, adjusted and rebalanced several items as well as several optimizations and level design fixes to the game.

    Changelog v2.0.875.15329

    • Added: Victory Screen + Team & Personal stats.
    • Added: New Message Of The Day when connecting to server.
    • Added: Outline over deployable when equipped with the shovel + health status of deployable.
    • Added: New Lee Enfield scope reticle.
    • Added: New Springfield scope reticle.
    • Added: New M3 Halftrack model.
    • Added: M18 Hellcat, M10 Wolverine & Königstiger to Chapter 1 maps.
    • Added: M18 Hellcat, M10 Wolverine & Königstiger to Armoured layers.
    • Fix: The walking dead. (body making walking sounds when dead on the ground.)
    • Fix: Pak38 sight being misaligned.
    • Fix: G41 missing shell ejection.
    • Fix: Stamina not regenerating while inside a vehicle.
    • Fix: Missing C96 for 1940 German Panzerbüchse 39 role.
    • Fix: Clearing your in-game cache will no longer reset your bound keys.
    • Fix: Lebel rifle having wrong bullet count.
    • Fix: Dinant Skirmish loading screen.
    • Fix: German Sdkfz. 251 Halftrack torque.
    • Fix: German Sdkfz. 234 Puma torque.
    • Fix: German Sdkfz. 232 (8-rad) torque.
    • Gameplay: Rebalanced the AT kits inventory to give all AT 1 round loaded + 1 extra.
    • Gameplay: Rebalanced the Sapper kits inventory.
    • Gameplay: Adjusted Churchill APDS round count from 25 to 10.
    • Gameplay: Adjusted Panzerfaust and PIAT Minute of Angle (MOA) to be more realistic beyond 60m.
    • Gameplay: Adjusted the shovelling speed to be faster.
    • Gameplay: Adjusted all rocket launchers to be considered shape charges & more consistent.
    • Level Design: Added M1A1 Bazooka to Training Range.
    • Level Design: Added holes in Carentan factory walls.
    • Level Design: Adjusted plaster and brick material to be less bulletproof.
    • Level Design: Adjusted the minefield in Utah Invasion 01.
    • Level Design: Adjusted the minefield in Carentan Invasion 01.
    • Level Design: Adjusted German protection base radius on Dinant Offensive layers.
    • Level Design: Fixed spawn on St Mère Invasion 01.
    • Level Design: Fixed Arnhem river damage volume.
    • Level Design: Fixed missing sewer section on Grave Skirmish 01.
    • Level Design: Fixed missing rubble on Dinant Skirmish 01.
    • Level Design: Fixed missing Commander Kubelwagen on Grave Offensive 03.
    • Effects: Fixed M18 projectile referencing Squad physmats.
    • Effects: Fixed PIAT projectile playing two effects at the same time upon armour impact.
    • Effects: Fixed 20mm on the Sdkfz 222 and Panzer II was using the 14mm rifle impacts.
    • Effects: Fixed chimney smoke material always rendering on top of other VFX.
    • Effects: Fixed 9mm/38cal rounds playing 303 impacts on the ground.
    • Effects: Fixed hay bales not having physmats.
    • Effects: Optimized .50 cal muzzle flash FX.
    • Effects: Optimized 20mm impacts on concrete and wood with a newer version using way fewer sprites.
    • Effects: Optimized GPU collision method from small arms ground impacts.
    • Effects: Optimized 20mm impacts on armour to be less resource-intensive.
    • Effects: Made various FX optimization to distance field GPU particle collision.

    We hope the new features will be enjoyed by our playerbase as we continue to work towards the SDK, Sandbox, Territory Control as well as more fixes for the game.

    One more thing!

    Post Scriptum is closing in on its 2 year anniversary and we are so incredibly thankful for having such a passionate community dedicated to the game. We are hoping for even more awesome times ahead as we look to the future.

    So from all of us here at Periscope Games. Thank you!

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  • Greetings!

    As part of our ongoing focus on the core gameplay elements of Post Scriptum, we have spent the last couple of months working towards a game that rewards teamwork and tries to further discourage lone wolfing.

    One of the biggest challenges for us revolves around our combined arms gameplay, particularly the Anti Tank meta vs our Armour, since infantry Anti-Tank will often spend much of their time hunting armour rather than participating in battle we introduced a rebalanced a couple of patches ago that addressed the concern somewhat, making the Anti Tank much less effective on his own.

    This had the inherited drawback of making the Armour crew much more of a challenging issue especially with how the current spawn system works. To address this we’ve been working towards making Tank gameplay more dynamic and challenging.

    With the next major update, we will be introducing a Tank Deck System, this new system will replace the old random spawner that our players didn't like very much, and while still partly randomized it puts the choice and control of tanks more in the hands of our tank players.


    How does this new system work?

    To understand the difference we need to explain how the old spawner worked.

    The old random spawner worked on a set of spawners called “Recon”, “Medium/Light”, and “Heavy” these spawners contained a list of available vehicles based on the layer that it was on, every time the map changed or restarted the list of vehicles is shuffled and a single random vehicle in each pool is picked, this had the benefit of not knowing what armour you’re given for a battle, with the drawback of sometimes being pretty unbalanced.

    This also meant that once you knew what the enemy tank was, you knew that this tank would be present the entire game and while it works in theory, it did mean that your tank matchups can sometimes be unbalanced and with tanks like the King Tiger you could be reckless at not much of a consequence.

    Killing tanks also wasn’t very rewarding as you knew it was a matter of time before another one would be back on the field. All of this culminates into a pretty mediocre tank experience.

    Now that we understand how it used to work we can understand the new system, which instead of selecting a single tank for each spawner type “Recon, Medium/Light, Heavy” will pick a “Deck” for each spawner type, a “Deck” is a pre-defined set of vehicles that exist within the game.

    These tanks are of limited quantity and so you will need to use your armour cautiously as you could very well run out of armoured vehicles, in which case you will need to rely on Anti-Tank guns or Anti-Tank infantry. Losing a tank like a King Tiger will not only cost your team tickets but the tank will not respawn back in for the rest of the game.

    Below you can find a breakdown of the various elements and states of vehicles you'll be presented within the new Spawner.


    There are currently 6 decks per spawner type for each team. Across all 3 Chapters.

    Every time a map restarts or changes the decks are shuffled and 1 random deck of each type is picked out to make up your tank deck for that round. The benefit that this new system has is that it allows flexibility for tank crew, in the sense that they can pick their own tanks and the combination of tanks that suits their needs. For example, both armoured crews could take out 2 Churchill tanks instead of being forced into picking one of each category.

    This makes the engagement of tanks much more dynamic between not only the opposing tank crews but also to infantry Anti-Tank who will have the ability to take out a tank for the rest of the game, thus making their efforts more rewarding, bearing in mind that hunting tanks now is much more dangerous with several tanks being at play.


    The Commander also got a treat with this new system as he has the ability to see what tanks are available to his team, what tanks are dead and what tanks are active in the battle (As long as he is close to a radio of course). This gives him more information to be able to better direct tanks on the battlefield.

    We can’t wait to share more about this new tank system very soon as we enter into public testing.


    Moving on from the new spawner, we’re also going to address a couple of other issues with the tank

    We’ve added a brand new Panzerschreck model to the game, this new model will replace the very outdated model we currently have in the game, this will make aiming a bit easier and more accurate to this historical counterpart.



    Joining us on Chapter 2 in the near future is a new StuG III model, namely the Ausf. A variant which was one of the first StuG’s to see service during the war, this particular model saw limited action during the Battle of France in 1940.

    Built on the chassis of the Panzer III F that is also part of Chapter 2, with the same short 7.5 cm howitzer that the Panzer IV D carries it’s a very good assault tank with a low profile and a big gun.


    NEW US 37mm AT GUN
    And the most recent entry is one that we’ve been wanting to add in for Chapter 3. We’re bringing in the M3 37mm Anti-Tank gun that at the time Normandy happened was pretty outdated, but we feel that the introduction of a new anti-tank gun within the allied tree is welcomed.

    We decided to add this rather than the M5 as it would call for the introduction of several counterparts like the 17-pounder or PaK 40, while we aren’t opposed to their introduction seeing as they were the mainstay of the armies of the time, we need to be careful with such an introduction as they were very powerful guns. Both this and the StuG III will join Post Scriptum in a later update.


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  • Greetings!

    It’s been a couple of months since we last gave you all a brief look at the 3rd Chapter 2 map which has now been in development for quite some time and for good reason. Let’s chat about it.

    The map has finally reached a stage where it’s presentable and we can finally unveil the location of this 3rd location from our 1940’s Battle of France.


    Meet the “Maginot” map which will be the up until now mysterious 3rd Chapter 2 location. The Maginot map as you can imagine is based on the most northern part of the Maginot Line specifically the Secteur Fortifiée des Vosges (Fortified Sector of the Vosges) part of the line.

    The Vosges region is an area of low mountains in the northern region of France, close to the Ardennes.

    We chose this location as it offers some truly unique fighting conditions that we feel mix all the good things about our other maps.


    Being the same size as our other maps at 4 km² Maginot features plenty of varying terrains, like rolling hills, mountainous terrain, dense forest areas, villages, open fields and of course the Maginot Line itself making its way through the map


    The Vosges sector was one of the few places that saw any or limited combat during the 1940 Battle of France. It was attacked by the 215th Infantry Division from the German Wehrmacht, while the French 154e and 163e RIF were primarily in charge of the sector defence.


    Fighting in the Vosges region kept going until July when France’s official surrender and capitulation was announced, so while the Wehrmacht preferred to avoid the Maginot Line we have a chance to relive the fighting that did occur on this rather infamous defensive line.


    We hope you enjoyed getting to know this 3rd map that will be joining our large roster of maps in the near future. We cannot wait to see how players will tackle the difficult challenges that lie within the Vosges region and the Maginot line that it features.


    Periscope Games

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    On top of the zombie game mode and Maginot, we’ve been investigating further into the optimization issues with both Carentan and St Mere Eglise. During that found that the amount of buildings rendered is potentially causing some serious performance issues Carentan. It also serves as frustration for players with the number of open buildings that are scattered throughout the city.

    Alongside this, we've optimized multiple shaders and shadows around the map.

    As a result, we’ve spent the last month identifying and closing off selected buildings in key areas to declutter the map and help the flow on the map.

    The below screenshots show a comparison between version 2.0.944.15560 (Which was the last update before this one) and the new version Images are taken on an empty developer server on Carentan Offensive 01 and St Mere Eglise Offensive 01. Same locations, same hardware, same video settings.

    Hardware used for performance test:

    I7-7700K @ 4.2 GHz.

    Nvidia GTX 1080Ti.

    32 GB of DDR4 Memory @ 2400MHz

    Game Settings:

    2560x1440p @ 144Hz in Borderless Window with No Super-Sampling

    Epic Graphics Quality with Epic Textures, Epic Effects, Epic View Distance & Epic Foliage using FXAA Anti-Aliasing

    Additional Settings: Distance Shadows ON, Screen Space Reflections ON, VSync OFF, Bloom ON, Ambient Occlusion ON, Pre-Load Textures ON, Motion Blur OFF


    v2.0.944.15560 Carentan Café De Normandie town entry


    v2.0.42.1 Carentan Café De Normandie town entry


    v2.0.944.15560 Carentan Crossroads


    v2.0.42.1 Carentan Crossroads


    v2.0.944.15560 St Mere Eglise South Main Road


    v2.0.42.1 St Mere Eglise South Main Road


    And as per usual you can find your changelog below for the Halloween update.

    CHANGELOG v2.0.42.1

    • Added: Post Scriptum Chapter Z: The Bloody Undead time-limited event.
    • Gameplay: New Contagion Game Mode
    • UI/UX: Added FG-42 Icon
    • Level Design: Added Contagion layers for Best, Carentan, St Mere Eglise, Stonne
    • Level Design: Made several optimizations passes on Carentan & St Mere Eglise.
    • Level Design: Closed off buildings in Carentan to improve performance and game flow.
    • Level Design: Closed off buildings in St Mere Eglise to improve performance.

    Lastly, we want to thank every single one of our Community Testers that have helped test and give important feedback on the game mode. Without their help, the undertaking wouldn’t have been possible.



    Periscope Games

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  • Greetings!

    Nice little early week patch with some more general fixes as we move towards our SDK Release later this week.

    Changelog v2.1.1086.311

    • Updated ticket cost in KillDeathRuleset for all armoured vehicles. (See:…dit?usp=sharing )
    • Changed Utah Beach Offensive 01 capzones.
    • Added and re-arranged all vehicles in the armoured spawner on Arnhem Range.
    • Fixed Panzer 38t name on the Arnhem Range spawner.
    • Fixed British binoculars not having british name.
    • Fixed M1 Carbine being called M1A1 Carbine.
    • Fixed Fixed French APX 47mm AP & HE Round names
    • Fixed Panzer VI Tiger being called Tiger E1 in the deck spawner.
    • Fixed Utah Beach main base radius not encompassing repair station.
    • Fixed Spawner on Utah Beach RAAS US.
    • Fixed Utah Beach loading screen.
    • Fixed Stonne Offensive 03 armoured spawners.
    • Fixed several asset and geo issues on Utah Beach.
    • Fixed US Commander Jeep being under the map on Grave Offensive 02.
    • Fixed Terrain on Driel Offensive 01 that would stop vehicles from leaving spawner.
    • Fixed Missing Scoped Lee Enfield UI Icon.
    • Fixed missing building floor material on Oosterbeek.
    • Removed some doubled assets on Utah Beach Invasion 01.


    Periscope Games

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  • reetings!

    This patch should enable basic functionality for downloading and running mods on a server.

    How to Download Mod to Server:

    Post Scriptum AppID: 736220

    You will need to change out the AppID with Post Scriptum's. Alternatively, you can find a guide on our discord. The link to which is at the bottom of the post.

    Changelog v2.1.1088.314

    • Fixed servers being unable to start with mods.
    • Made some more minor fixes to Utah geo.


    Periscope Games




    Roadmap 2021

    Positiv bewerten




    Do., 3. Dezember

    Post Scriptum Modding is here!

    Post Scriptum SDK, Workshop & Mods!
    After almost 2 and a half years since Post Scriptum released, we have finally reached one of if not the biggest milestone in the history of our development.

    It’s with great pleasure and pride that we can announce the release of the Post Scriptum SDK and with this modding is here. We cannot wait to see what people will do with these new modding tools.

    The SDK is completely free to download and will be available on the Epic Games Launcher.

    But let’s step back really quickly and take this from the very beginning. What even is this SDK?

    The SDK or “Software Development Kit” is what allows for our community to create and upload their own modifications for Post Scriptum to the Steam Workshop where all users can download and play with those creations.

    We already have several of our community members who have committed to bringing their own mods like one-life mods, realism mods or even full chapters of their own, including the Eastern Front, Africa, Crete & Pointe du Hoc. We cannot wait to see what other things users will be creating once they get their hands on the SDK.


    Mosin-Nagant by the Bloody Fall modding team. Discord:…

    Alongside the SDK we are also bringing the first iteration of our Steam Workshop to players, this allows for players to download and run custom mods for the game, the implementation right now is still quite basic and we aim to make the process much more user-friendly somewhere down the line, this includes things such as downloading mods while joining a server rather than needing to be subscribed to them prior to joining.


    Beretta M1934 by the Chapter Merucry modding team. Discord:…

    The other things we plan to do is to make it easier for players to enjoy modding and inform them when a server is modded, what mods it’s running and other information that can be useful for our players.

    For our server hosters out there the experience of downloading, running and managing mods isn’t entirely user friendly but we are looking at options to make this much easier and manageable for those who host servers.


    A.15 Cruiser Tank Mk. VI by the Shifting Sands modding team. Discord:…

    Post Scriptum SDK & You
    Moving onto the technical side of things, we want to briefly talk about what you can and cannot do with the SDK as we have seen a lot of confusion amongst many of our community members as to how you can use the SDK and what limitations it has.

    Let’s start off with the very basic limitations which are that for many reasons the SDK has no access to the Post Scriptum source code, this means that it will not be possible to modify the base game, make new functionalities available or anything else that requires C++ or source code access. This is because we have to protect our game from exploitation and to protect our intellectual property.

    So beyond coding and source code Unreal Engine 4 offers some powerful tools and we have seen amazing creations that don’t require any source code access, for example, Chapter Z which featured our Contagion zombie mode was made in such a way that it could be done entirely without needing the source code of our game. It’s actually available on the workshop for download.

    From a legal standpoint, a lot of questions have been raised around the use of assets or pieces of our game and what users can do, we can definitely understand that and as a baseline, you can pick apart and mess with any assets or parts of our game as you see fit. But you cannot export and/or reverse engineer stuff with the intent to use it outside of our SDK, this violates our EULA and we reserve all rights to remove your access to Post Scriptum.

    Updated Roadmap & 2021
    While the year 2020 hasn’t been great to any of us, at least it has brought people much closer together while also being so far away. The game industry has seen a boom in the activity and for developers like us, this is great as it means so many more people get to experience video games who might otherwise haven’t.

    As 2020 comes to a close and 2021 approaches it’s time for us to start thinking ahead with the development of Post Scriptum. We have a brand new roadmap and many more plans for the game going into the next year.


    What are these plans you may ask? Let’s break it down.

    The final parts of 2020 and early start of 2021 will include a lot of Quality of Life improvements, like optimization, bug fixes, layer variety & gameplay improvements. In the period of December 2020 and February 2021, we will put this on the top of our priority list so that those annoying bugs can be squashed before we move ahead with other plans.

    The next big stop is the Vehicle Overhaul which will see our current vehicle system be completely reworked from scratch so that it is as flexible and as good as it can be. We have long been bothered by how our vehicles and tanks perform compared to the infantry gameplay and this overhaul should fix these issues once and for all. We are going to speak much more on this once we have a little more to show.

    The last big plan for 2021 is Chapter 4. Yes, you've got that right we’re doing another one! So where does it take place this time? While we can’t quite commit to where the location will be this time, but it’s going to get pretty chilly. Like the Vehicle Overhaul, we’re going to speak more on this as we move into 2021.


    Periscope Games

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  • Greetings!

    Since our last update, that added the first iteration of modding support to Post Scriptum we've been hard at work getting the second iteration of modding support to our players.

    The second iteration of our modding system includes new user features to make it easier for players to get in and play with mods. Currently, you are required to subscribe to mods before joining a server, it's also not possible to tell when a server is or isn't modded.

    All of these issues have been addressed and you can now join and download mods directly from the server browser. You will get a pop-up notification telling you that you are missing some mods and you get the option to download all required mods to join the server.


    We have also added some new browser UI Icons and filters to help you quickly check if a server is modded or not. The filter will allow you to toggle between seeing modded servers or only vanilla servers that are running no mods.

    A wrench icon will also show in the browser whenever a server is identified to be running with modded content, this helps you know if a server is modded from a glance.


    Apart from that, we have made several gameplay fixes and improvements. We will continue to make more fixes as we move towards the Christmas holiday, but this is likely to be the last big update of the year.

    Changelog v2.1.1126.430 Modding:
    Added support for downloading mods while joining a server.Added new vanilla games only browser filter & icons for modded servers.Replaced default loading screen with a version for modded servers.Added a functioning Workshop button to the Main Menu.

    Main Menu:Added a winter holiday-themed main menu.

    Vehicles:Added Stug III A to Chapter 2 Deck. (See community resources)Fixed missing Hotchkiss H35 & W15TCC driver animations.Fixed APX 47mm being named 37mm in the Logistics deployable menu.Fixed Panzer 38(t) being named "Panzer 38T" on the training range spawner.Added 10 Smoke rounds to Stug III A & 2 Extra APCBC rounds.Added M1919A4 UI Icon and added it to the Emplaced M1919, Sherman M4A3, M5 Stuart, M24 & M8 Greyhound in the Coax & Hull gunner position.

    Gameplay:Added rifleman class with Berthier M1916 to the French.Replaced the Sten with the M1A1 Carbine for the 1st Airborne & Polish Radioman.Replaced the Lee Enfield with the Sten for the 1st Airborne & Polish Light Mortar.Adjusted German main base protection on Utah Invasion 02.Fixed US & Axis grenade launcher having a fire-mode toggle.Fixed Armoured layer not using Panzer III Commander.

    Fixes:Fixed several floating or misaligned objects on Utah Beach.Fixed several floating or misaligned objects on Carentan.Fixed character position on US Mortar for 4th Infantry.Fixed texture issue on Best church tower.Fixed VillagehouseD shader missing at distance.Fixed floating boxes in Arnhem Train Station.Fixed Armoured Gamemode loading screen.Fixed broken brick wall meshes on Heelsum.Renamed M1919A4 and A6 ammo type to .30 Cal.Replaced Red Cross with Green Cross on the medical tent.Renamed the Vickers Heavy MG to Vickers Mk. 1Removed completely black untextured Stug prop on Veghel.


    Periscope Games

    frunds1.jpg Wir Deutschen fürchten nur Gott sonst nichts auf der Welt!

  • Greetings!

    We have a smaller update for you with a couple of fixes before the holiday. This will be the last update for Post Scriptum in 2020.

    Additionally Post Scriptum, Beyond The Wire & Squad will all be on Sale for the Steam Winter Sale which starts tonight at 7 PM CET.

    Changelog v2.1.1137.460

    • Fixed an issue where server would ignore password check.
    • Fixed emplacements showing the red vehicle hull.
    • Fixed Stug III A missing armoured spawner icon.
    • Fixed Stug III A missing from KillDeathRuleset.
    • Fixed Best terrain issues being off in C3-5-6.
    • Fixed Arnhem Geo issues at I1-1-1
    • Fixed FOB being buildable in Redzone on RAAS.
    • Fixed hedgehogs not being completely destroyable by explosives.
    • Fixed floating fence on the railroad on Driel.
    • Fixed Fence in I-6-3-9 not being passable by vehicles in Oosterbeek.
    • Fixed Stug III A dust effect being offset.
    • Fixed French & German ammo crate in wrong mains on Stonne S02.


    Periscope Games

    frunds1.jpg Wir Deutschen fürchten nur Gott sonst nichts auf der Welt!

  • Bei Post Scriptum hat sich wieder was getan Mädels:


    We hope you all enjoyed your holiday, the entire team had a wonderful time and got to relax a little on top of a hectic year.

    Now that we are back we have been working through the last week to get a patch ready for release. Bunch of gameplay fixes, so have a look at the changelog below.

    Changelog v2.1.1163.545

    • Fixed some splines in Carentan.
    • Fixed Stonne Terrain Ground offset Issue (F4-3-4/5)
    • Fixed an issue where no Heavy Deck existed for the US on Velmolen Offensive 02
    • Fixed a spot near British Main where the terrain is sunk downward so that players can get trapped on Arnhem
    • Fixed Railroad Underpasses/Overpasses Filled with terrain on Oosterbeek
    • Fixed missing French Commander's car on Dinant RAAS
    • Fixed Oosterbeek Spline issue (H6-1-3)
    • Fixed Stonne Wall invisibility (F6-2-2)
    • Fixed Utah Terrain offset (E6-3-3)
    • Fixed Oosterbeek Floating sandbags + foliage (E2-3-3)
    • Fixed Veghel Door texture missing (E5-3-9)
    • Fixed Velmolen Spline Issue (B6-3-1)
    • Fixed Curtains in some buildings on Dinant being see-through.
    • Fixed Trees on the road in Grave (D5-3-3 & D5-3-8)
    • Fixed Radio in Arnhem, Best, Doorwerth, Driel, Oosterbeek, Velmolen, Veghel & Grave British layers not using British audio.


    Periscope Games

    frunds1.jpg Wir Deutschen fürchten nur Gott sonst nichts auf der Welt!


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